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IRIS – The new Cirque du Soleil show in LA at the Kodak Theatre

I just found this out via my Twitter feed thanks to Cirque Du Soleil!  Follow @cirque for more information and updates!  They’ve just announced the name of their new show that will be at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles: IRIS.  The music will be by Danny Elfman and it will open in 2011.  According to their show announcement page, IRIS will be “a lyrical, fanciful, kinetic foray into the seventh art.  Bringing together dance, acrobatics, live video, filmed sequences and animation, the show takes spectators on a fantastic voyage through the history of cinema and its genres, taking them into the heart of the movie-making process.  From illustration to animation, black and white to colour, silent films to talkies, fixes shots to swooping camera movements, spectators witness the poetic construction/deconstruction of this art as an object and as a way of transcending reality.”

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a Cirque Du Soleil show then I suggest that you do soon!  I’ve only had the chance to watch their The Beatles LOVE show at The Mirage in Las Vegas and let me tell you, it was simply fantastic!  I’ve been a huge Beatles fan for my entire life and this show truly showcased not only the performers talent, but the beauty of the Beatles music.  I know that on my next Vegas trip I’m already planning on watching another show because I’ve heard great reviews of all their other shows.  I do advise you plan ahead though because these shows always sell out quickly!

If you have a Twitter account you need to follow @cirque today!  Also, if you don’t already, please follow me at @thefilmtastic!  Can’t wait to keep hearing more about IRIS!  What about you?

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