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Takers (2010) – Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, a sexual situation/partial nudity and language.

When one thinks of what exactly a heist film is, Takers pretty much fits the bill.  First you must formulate a plan and prepare accordingly.  Check.  Next, you must carry out this plan successfully.  Check.  Lastly, you find out that one of them is a nemesis and most of the crew ends up dead and/or caught by the police.  Check.  It’s safe to say that Takers won’t be taking home any awards for originality, however this doesn’t mean that it isn’t an enjoyable movie.  Is it anywhere in the leagues of Heat, Reservoir Dogs, Ocean’s Eleven, or even (dare I say it) Inception?  Not even close.  But it also isn’t as bad as, oh I don’t know, 3000 Miles To Graceland or (gulp) Reindeer Games.  The fact of the matter is that Hollywood can’t really change-up this formula but the appeal to audiences is still there.

This film is probably not going to be a critical darling, especially for the acting.  The players here are Paul Walker (meh), Idris Elba (good actor, bad films), Hayden Christensen (oh, where do I begin?), Michael Ealy (at least he’s got pretty eyes), Chris Brown (should stick to dancing) and Tip “T.I.” Harris (he’s an actor now?).  Just looking at the main actors should let you know that you aren’t going to be watching any Oscar-worthy performances here.  The guys don’t do bad jobs, they just aren’t really good either.  And can someone please tell me why Paul Walker had to have a gratuitous ass-shot in the movie?  Was that really necessary?  The answer is no. 

The story is, for the most part, easy to follow.  Somewhere towards the end, though, the story kind of loses the audience.  Picture this, the heist is done and all the men meet in a hotel room to count their money.  Then, somewhere along the lines, two of the men end up at a bar crying over a lover’s death.  When did this happen?  How did they get there?  But that’s to be expected from a bunch of writers that count this as their first writing credit.  Aside from this the story is interesting and the twists keep you on your toes.

Something has to be said about the music.  No, I’m not about to say that it’s awesome and everyone should go buy the soundtrack.  As a matter of fact, they played the exact same song over two different scenes and I found myself rolling my eyes at the cheesiness.  When you watch the film, you’ll see what I mean.  And the editing is kind of inconsistent, but it is nowhere near the worst that I’ve seen (I’m looking at you, Jonah Hex!).  To conclude, this isn’t a great film by any definition.  There’s definitely a reason why it was pushed from a May release date to the depths of August.  But, if you’re looking to escape this ridiculous heat and not think about much, then this film just might be for you.  Filmtastic review = 3 stars.

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