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Despicable Me

Despicable Me (2010) – Rated PG for rude humor and mild action

Despicable Me casts a villain in the starring role who ends up being the hero at the end.  Gru is so adorably villainous that you can’t help but like the guy.  Even more likeable are his little minions.  These little yellow guys are so cute!  There’s just so much to like about this movie.  Even the three little orphan girls that Gru adopts are cute.  Especially Agnes, the youngest.  One might think that I’m just heaping praise on this film because I watched it right after I watched the disaster that was Predators, but my colleagues also had a great time watching it.  There goes that theory!

Gru is the world’s number one villain.  He has successfully stolen the jumbotron from New York’s Times Square, the Statue of Liberty (the small one from Las Vegas) and the Eiffel Tower (also from Las Vegas).  But this is nothing compared to what Vector has done.  He has stolen the Pyramid of Giza from Egypt, making him the new number one villain.  To reclaim his status, Gru decides he’s going to steal the moon.  This film has tons of laughs for children but also has plenty of laughs for the adults.  An example of this is when Gru goes to the bank to get a loan to afford a rocket to get to the moon.  The children in attendance won’t understand why this is funny, but his bank is called The Bank Of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers).  I chuckled.  But, without a doubt, most of the laughs for all will come from the minions and all of their adorable antics. 

Gru is voiced by Steve Carell, who describes his accent as a cross between Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi.  You’ll be surprised to hear the other voice talents because everyone altered their voice so much that even if you try, you won’t be able to imagine the actor speaking.  Jason Segel is completely unrecognizable as Vector, Gru’s competing villain.  Russell Brand is another unrecognizable talent as Gru’s assistant Dr. Nefario.  And if you can tell that Julie Andrews is the voice of Gru’s mother without anyone telling you that’s her, then you truly have some wonderful ears!  Speaking of unrecognizable voices, the minions have a language of their own so to enhance your experience Best Buy has created an app for smart phones to tell you what they’re saying in the end credits.  I highly recommend downloading this app if you have a smart phone.  You won’t be disappointed!  No matter what your age is, if you want a good laugh you should watch this film.  Filmtastic review = 4 1/2 stars.

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