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Grown Ups

Grown Ups (2010) – Rated PG-13 for crude material including suggestive references, language, and some male rear nudity.

Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler are one of those director/actor duos that just make magic happen on-screen.  Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro knew how to bring great dramas to the big screen.  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp know how to bring the “weird” to the mainstream.  John Hughes and Molly Ringwald showed us how growing up in the eighties was cool.  And Dugan and Sandler always bring the big laughs.  Grown Ups is no exception because I was laughing so hard I literally had tears running down my cheeks.  I laughed so hard at some scenes that I missed the next scene.  The other members in my screening were laughing loud as well.  And really, what more can you ask from a summer comedy?

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider play lifelong friends whose childhood basketball coach has just died.  They reunite at his funeral and decide to spend the Fourth of July weekend at the same place where they celebrated their basketball championship with their old coach.  The weekend turns into a hilarious get together with plenty of mishaps and laughter galore!  Every actor is given their fair share of jokes and gags, and their wives get plenty of laughs as well.  Grown Ups is everything you would expect from a Sandler comedy.

Plenty of film critics have complained that the humor is juvenile at best.  I’m wondering what they were expecting when they walked into a screening of an Adam Sandler film that is directed by Dennis Dugan.  These guys are the kings of juvenile comedy!  Come on, really?  Happy GilmoreBig Daddy?  Were you really expecting anything other than juvenile jokes?  Adam Sandler has made an entire career out of it and he has earned a pretty penny while doing it.  I say keep on keeping on, Mr. Sandler, because you’ve made millions of people laugh and I believe you will continue to do so.  Filmtastic review = 4 stars.

  1. Beli
    July 6, 2010 at 1:10 am

    This movie was hilarious. I laughed so much. When Rob licked his wife’s feet that was so ucky! Actually most of the part with Rob and his wife was gross.

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