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Letters To Juliet

Letters To Juliet (2010) – Rated PG for brief rude behavior, some language, and incidental smoking.

Going into this screening I knew that Letters To Juliet would be nothing more than the gorgeous scenery of Italy and a typical romantic comedy premise.  When I left the screening I knew that I was right.  But that doesn’t mean that this typical rom-com didn’t deliver some good laughs.  In the film we meet Sophie and Victor.  Complete opposites, they are like the yin and yang of couples.  Sophie is a fact checker for the New York Journal who dreams of being a writer.  Victor is her fiance who is a chef about to open his own restaurant.  And Sophie basically lets Victor treat her like a door mat.  That’s where we know that they aren’t going to end up married by the end of the movie.  When this young couple embarks on a “pre-honeymoon” in Italy, they spend no time together.  To Victor, this trip is a great opportunity for him to meet suppliers, visit wineries, and travel to another city for a wine auction.  And Gael Garcia Bernal plays the character to perfection.  He’s oblivious to the fact that he and Sophie shouldn’t be together and his main concern is always his restaurant.  I laughed every time he said, “It’s win-win!” when he and Sophie go off to do things independently.  And most of the laughs in the film are from scenes that Bernal is in. 

It’s on one of her independent trips that Sophie ends up at Juliet’s house where broken-hearted women write to Juliet asking for love advice (what makes Juliet a love expert?).  It is here that she finds a letter that Claire wrote over 50 years ago, starting her adventure.  Claire is played by the lovely Vanessa Redgrave, who is the shining beacon in this film.  Sophie decides to answer the letter as one of “Juliet’s secretaries” and is more than delighted to find out that Claire has decided to pursue her long-lost love.  Sophie joins Claire and her less than thrilled grandson, Charlie, on an adventure to find Lorenzo Bartolini (who is played by Redgrave’s real-life husband, Franco Nero).  Even though Charlie is completely rude, snotty, and doesn’t believe in “true love” like Sophie does, we know that they will obviously fall for each other and end up together by the end of the film. 

Amanda Seyfried does a good job as Sophie.  She’s never really impressed me, but she has also never disappointed me.  And Christopher Egan plays the cynical Englishman like, well, a cynical Englishman.  His performance wasn’t really “wow”-inducing but it was passable.  Like I mentioned before, Vanessa Redgrave was definitely the shining beacon and she was simply radiant in this film.  Though the premise was predictable and cheesy, the picturesque scenery is enough to enjoy sitting through the annoying story.  Filmtastic review = 3 stars.

  1. Chris
    May 14, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    I agree with this review for the most part. Redgrave was awesome, and definitely made this infinitely more enjoyable than it would have been without her in it. However, calling it a rom-com is a little misleading, imho. It’s definitely more of a romance, with a sprinkling of comedy thrown in.

  2. Beli
    May 25, 2010 at 4:35 am

    All I see when I see the main character is her acting in Mean Girls and how when she feels her tits she knows its already raining. Sorry but can’t stop seeing her in that role.

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