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My take on the Kick-Ass “controversy”

When I read this article over at The Wrap, I couldn’t help but chuckle.  I bet the higher-ups over at Lionsgate are laughing too.  But they’re not laughing like I am.  They’re laughing that “evil laugh” that every villain cackles in a movie when their evil doings are seemingly going as planned.  You see, Kick-Ass was independently financed by director Matthew Vaughn.  He couldn’t find a studio to properly finance the film, so he went out and raised $30 million for this project all by himself, with help from Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.  He first pitched it to Sony, who balked at it’s violence, but Vaughn refused to tone the violence down.  Other studios expressed interest but demanded that character’s ages be upped (particularly Hit Girl, obviously).  It wasn’t until Lionsgate picked up the film that Kick-Ass found it’s distributor.  Looking back, this all makes sense because Lionsgate is more willing to distribute more controversially violent films such as Saw, Rambo, and The Punisher: War Zone.  But I’m getting a bit off topic.  Although Kick-Ass has been receiving mostly positive reviews, mine included, it was one Mr. Roger Ebert who has fueled this “controversy” I speak of.  As of today Kick-Ass has a 77% “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it was Ebert’s one star review that got this little film-that-could it’s publicity.  For every bad review and critic that hates this film’s violence, there is a great review and a fanboy to defend it.  And Lionsgate is eating up all this free publicity.  And as they say in Hollywood, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.  So you see, dear readers, that is why Lionsgate executives are laughing.  And I am laughing because it is my belief that underneath it all Lionsgate expected and is even, dare I say it, loving this so-called controversy.  The fact of the matter is every critic is allowed their own opinion, be it positive or negative.  I’m not going to bash Mr. Ebert’s review because that is his opinion.  I have already stated that I respectfully disagree with him and that’s all I have to say about that.  But his review, along with all the other negative reviews, have done nothing more but add sand to the sandbox.  Fanboys and everyone else who is interested in seeing this film are going to see it anyway, regardless of any reviews.  So, keep on hating Mr. Ebert.  Lionsgate sends it’s thanks.

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