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Death At A Funeral

Death At A Funeral (2010) – Rated R for language, drug content, and some sexual humor.

I should note that I have not seen the 2007 Death At A Funeral.  Now, on with business.  This movie made me laugh so hard that I was in tears.  I can honestly say that I was probably laughing for about 90% of the time.  This family is so dysfunctional and yet it reminds me of mine.  And I’m sure I will not be the only person thinking that.  From what I’ve heard, this film is pretty much a direct remake of the original.  Same story, same dysfunctional family, same incredible secret.  Every character had a different laugh for the audience.  There’s Michelle, played by Regina Hall, as the wife of Aaron, played by Chris Rock, who desperately wants to have sex because she’s ovulating, despite that fact that her father-in-law has just died.  You see, they’ve been trying to have a baby for some time.  There’s Cynthia, played by Loretta Devine, who has just lost her husband and will not miss an opportunity to mention that she’d like some grandchildren from Aaron and Michelle.  There’s Ryan, played by Martin Lawrence, who has authored what I can only assume is the written equivalent of porn.  Norman, played by Tracy Morgan, who must make sure Uncle Russell, played by Danny Glover, gets to the funeral.  And, in what is the grossest yet funniest scene in the film, Norman helps Uncle Russell to the bathroom because he has diarrhea from eating nut cake and potato salad.  I don’t want to ruin this scene for you, but I will say that I have NO idea how he manages to get shit everywhere!  Cousin Elaine, played by Zoe Saldana, must calm down her boyfriend Oscar, played brilliantly by James Marsden, because she accidentally gave him an acid pill that her brother Jeff, played by Columbus Short, put in a Valium bottle.  In another scene that is in the running as the funniest scene of the whole movie finds Oscar, naked and on the roof, threatening suicide because Derek, played by Luke Wilson, has just kissed Elaine.  When he slips and almost falls, Jeff runs to the rescue and grabs him around the waist.  Again, I don’t want to ruin anything, but Columbus Short owns that scene.  And, as if the funeral hasn’t been ruined already, Frank, played by Peter Dinklage (who also apparently is reprising his same role from the 2007 original), is threatening to expose the dead patriarch’s secret of being gay with very incriminating pictures as proof.  I know this is twisted to say, but I wanted to know so badly what the pictures looked like.  If you are looking for a good laugh this weekend, I highly recommend this comedy.  Filmtastic review = 4 stars!  Go enjoy!

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