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The Goonies

The Goonies (1985) – Rated PG

I just had the pleasure of seeing The Goonies in 35mm on the big screen at a local theatre.  Now, I have to warn you, I am going into this review as a full-fledged fan of the film ever since I first saw it as a kid.  I remember wanting to get all my friends together and go looking for treasure.  Now, after 25 years, I can confidently say that I still love this movie.  Yes you read that right, this movie is 25 years old!  And it still holds its own.  Even as an adult, I caught myself genuinely wanting the Goonies in the film to find their treasure.  I was rooting them on.  Go Mikey and Mouth!  Go Brand and Chunk!  Go Data!  Who seriously wanted the Fratelli brothers to catch those kids?  And, when they do find One Eyed Willie’s ship at the end, I actually clapped my hands and cheered!  The other people in the theatre cheered, clapped, and laughed along with me!  We even quoted along with Sloth when he yelled “Hey you guys!”  This is a movie we’ve all grown up with!  The tagline for this film was “Join the adventure!” and we certainly did.  This movie also jump-started some careers for some of these kids.  This was Sean Astin’s first movie that wasn’t made for TV.  He’s now well-known as Rudy from Rudy and Samwise Gamgee from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  It was Josh Brolin’s big screen debut.  Josh Brolin, by the way, was so cute in this film and he has only gotten more handsome with age.  And, he was recently nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Milk.  And it certainly wasn’t the first film for Corey Feldman, but it was filmed right before he made Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, where he started becoming internationally known as one-half of the “Two Coreys” with Corey Haim.  It goes without saying that my rating for this film is 5 stars.  And, since it’s not normally offered in theatres, my advice would be to pop in the DVD and share this movie with your children so that it may enhance their imaginations and childhood dreams.  Go enjoy!

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